Teaching is hard. Sometimes I love it and sometimes I want to leave it. But, after more than eight years, I’ve finally found balance. I don’t work on the weekends (at least not much) unless report card grades are due on Monday. I rarely take work home with me. I never take the psychological baggage of work home with me. My lessons are engaging. My stress is low, my relationships are strong, my classroom management is outstanding. The paperwork is a grind, but I’ve created systems and processes to streamline it. The political landscape and teacher bashing is brutal, but I’ve compartmentalized it and it no longer bothers me (much).

Overall, life as a teacher is good for me. And my colleagues and friends have noticed. They ask me for help and advice. A lot. All the time, in fact. And that inspired me to write this blog. I hope it’s helpful and informative and I hope it sparks a dialogue where we learn from each other.

So, who am I? I am a high school art teacher in New York City. I have a Bachelors of Fine Art degree from the University of Michigan, completed a teacher certification program through Regis University in Denver, CO and completed a Masters of Science in Education at SUNY New Paltz. Additionally, I received certification as a coach from Coach Training Alliance.

In addition to teaching, I worked in marketing for more than twelve years and owned my own marketing consulting business for six years. I grew up in the midwest, moved to Colorado after college, then moved to New York 14 years later. Last year I started the blog Athlete Again where I write about rediscovering my inner athlete.


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